Covid-19 Terms & Conditions

Initiative from Resorts Management

  • After every check out, we will disinfect the accommodation / room with a sanitising liquid. We will spray the sanitising liquid all inside the accommodation with a mechanical pump.
  • After every check out we will remove all bed sheets / pillow covers / towels (if given). We will get it washed, cleaned and dried. So every time the new guests check in, they will get fresh stock. (Guests are encouraged to carry their own bed sheets/ pillow covers, items of personal nature like towels, napkins, sanitisers, face mask , face shield, gloves on their own).
  • We encourage contact less digital payments for both check-in, check-out and paying orders inside the premises
  • For air-conditioning/ventilation, the guidelines of CPWD will be followed which inter alia emphasises that the temperature setting of all air conditioning devices should be in the range of 24-30°. Relative humidity should be in the range of 40- 70%. Intake of fresh air should be as much as possible and cross ventilation should be adequate.
  • Hand sanitisers will be made freely available at the reception and public spaces (lobbies etc.). We encourage guests to wash hands frequently.
  • Appropriate personal protection gears like face covers/masks, gloves etc. shall be made available to the hotel staff.
  • Effective and frequent sanitisation within the premises will be maintained with particular focus on lavatories, frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, electric buttons. handrails. benches, washroom fixtures. etc in all guest service areas and common areas.

Advisory For Guests

  • Only asymptomatic guests shall be allowed.
  • Guests will be allowed entry only if using face cover/masks. The face cover/mask has to be worn at all times inside the hotel/ resort in public places like corridors, common areas, gardens, restaurants etc.
  • Please keep safe social distance (6 feet) from other guests and service providers all the time.
  • Guests are encouraged to carry their own bed sheets/ pillow covers, towels and personal items, sanitisers, covers/masks, gloves, to avoid / minimise risk of infection.
  • Details of the guest (travel history, medical condition etc.) along with ID, contact phone numbers and self-declaration form must be provided by the guest at the reception.
  • Guests shall download and use Arogya Setu App. It is made compulsorily by Government.
  • Guests are encouraged to minimise the use of housekeeping services
  • Guests are requested to inform resort management for any sickness / symptoms of COVID-19 developed during their stay. It is the law.